My Face Is Up Here

June 25, 2011

This would work far better for me if it were Guittard, or Droste, or Lindt…uh, okay. I’ll stop thinking about it now.


Anyways :

These are great. Who could doubt science is fun – what with all the machines and gadgets they have to play with.

The two experimental reports on Cadbury’s Creme Eggs reminded me of /  earlier work  / done on Twinkies.


But It’s Chocolate !

April 1, 2011

For chocolate my daughter and I will head to the store late at night,  then come home and make fudge.

Yeah. It’s that important.


GrrlScientist posted a great blog today – a perfect juxtaposition of fantasy and reality.  Well, almost perfect: there should be a cat or two in the fantasy.  And some chocolate.  Maybe a… well, my personal fantasy-ideals aren’t at issue here.

Short, sweet, great treat videos:



Chocolate (enough said)

February 7, 2011

Of course, we’ve all heard how incredibly healthy chocolate is – body and soul. But here’s a recent bit to add to the fact sheet:


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