I watched / this / with amazement, then forgot to bookmark it. After two days searching I’ve finally found it again. Two versions of the video, then  stills showing key points of the captured wave.

The waves’ passings, and the shifting ground – for some reason this video makes a huge impact on me – I really see what happened to the earth.

Too Many Odds and Ends

March 21, 2011


xkcd / does it again – not funny, but clearly informative.

Clever sheep ? /   Not an oxymoron.

/ Amazing picture / of the sun.

Joyce / coded in a bacterium /? I would have thought they’d be honored.

Keeping up with /  all the earthquakes / . Why aren’t there any in Oregon? There should be.

Obligatory bit about cats:

We all love /  kittens / , right? Cracked.com tells us more about these adorable creatures.

Finland in song and prose:

Finland is a great place. And they love tango. Why didn’t they chose / this / for Eurovision?

More on Finland. / Phrases one needs to know /.  Free beer for all?

Help for writers and other artists:

Creativity. Is / this /  how it’s done? I’ve been doing it all wrong.

General humor:

Ridiculous / maths humor /.

Yet another Oatmeal comic. I had fun going through his archives.  / The crap we put up with getting on and off an airplane /

Time-lapse animation of all the earthquakes preceding and following the 9.0 quake.  Covers 8 – 14 March. That pause in activity before the big one hits…then the flurry all around as the crust adjusts to new pressures, a new placement after that huge shift.


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