Math Class Entertainment

April 17, 2012

This series is great fun. Using the premise of being distracted during class (occasionally by the teacher saying something interesting) she presents all sorts of concepts.

This is one of my favorites:  Slug Cats!

Now / this is a really creative idea / – a totally unexplored market niche, I’m sure. Although I was given a pet rock once. I named it Carrock, but alas, I took it for granite (pause for groans).

Following links from that site led me to this about/ cat-made  art /, and then this, about / bird-splat art /.

What an amazing world we live in!

Poignant Art

May 14, 2011

She was in / Eurovision /. I was amazed. But this  – the music, the emotions of the audience:  what powerful feelings this art encapsulates. Perhaps its ephemeral, constantly changing nature reminds us how ephemeral and changing our lives are, for good or ill.

/ Kseniya Simonova – Sand Animation /

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