I wish this didn’t seem probable. After all, they’ve already declared global warming false – in defiance of all evidence. Jokes about them repealing the law of gravity may yet come true.




March 17, 2011

The king ruled the land and all who dwelt in it. As he walked the golden sands at the edge of his realm, he saw the ocean was creeping ever closer. “You cannot have my land,” he shouted. “I am ruler here. What I say is law. Even the beasts of the fields and the birds of the air must bow to my judgment. Cease your motion. Come no nearer.”

The king stood in fury and might. He had ordained that nature should follow his decree.

And nature… Did Not.

The king got wet feet.

The republicans sat in the house and decreed “There is no global warming. Nature herself must bow to our decree.”

And the republicans, and all who dwelt under their arrogant, stupid rule…

Got hot.




Not ‘Destroy those who disagree with me’.

Not ‘My way is the right way’.

No. These church leaders have put human condition ahead of religious affiliation. I have the greatest respect for any leader, any person who puts humanity ahead of personal bias. I only wish our religious vendetta – terrorists had half this genuine ‘christian’ love for their fellow humans.


Follow up: This statement issued by Muslim leaders in the UK:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/mar/10/freedom-of-speech-for-muslims?CMP=twt_fd

Religion is contentious, but it needn’t be, if its public face is as these. Support, honor, respect – and religion is not forced on anyone. anywhere. At any time.

Cherish the minds and ideas that make us human. Cherish our creativity and our visions. Do not lock them into narrow cells of hate and ignorance.

Had a wonderful lunch today with my sister. Even sampled a few local brews (Oregon for good beer, folks. So they tell me. I’m not a beer drinker)

This question came up: why do people vote for and actively seek politicians who want to cut funding for eduction, welfare, heath care? I can’t figure it out. Surely self-interest would make a poor person in a low-level job with no benefits want healthcare, right?

Came home, and through a serendipitous series of links discovered /  this article / . Wow.

No – not an answer to a prayer 🙂 . This is a perfect example of a statistically probable coincidence.  I was predisposed to follow the links. Statistics should be required at all grade levels. But I digress. Sorry. Bad habit.

Political Humor

February 24, 2011

This explains so much.  Such a silly little mistake – hope they get the word out soon to all and sundry:  http://www.theonion.com/articles/embarrassed-republicans-admit-theyve-been-thinking,19248/?utm_source=morenews

“But I actually think the GOP is doing us a favor. Instead of posturing and sending mixed message about caring for the people while passing laws that say otherwise, they are coming right out and wearing the fucking t-shirt. If you’re poor, female, care about your health or that of the land, or are in any way uninterested in making rich white dudes more rich, you can go to hell.”


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