2015 – 90% Of the Internet Will Be — Cats!

November 11, 2011

This is another fun video about the importance of cats in current global industry, this time focusing on advertising. For the previous video on Kitty wood Studios / click here /.



2 Responses to “2015 – 90% Of the Internet Will Be — Cats!”

  1. erbdex Says:

    Whats with you and cats, mhilm?

    • mhilm Says:

      I like them. Right now not so much though – mine are coughing up hairballs.
      I like cats because they are so independent. They remind me that I have to earn trust and loyalty, and to be grateful when it’s given. They taught me to accept that what I want to offer is not necessarily what others want to receive. And from that, to learn respect, self-control, tolerance – although I am guilty of occasionally picking them up and squishling them, to their vocally expressed, but patient annoyance.
      And they are a way of laughing at the gods: such innate dignity in a small, cuddly form.

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