A Cat Toy To Free Humans?

August 30, 2011

Cats know perfectly well that you are dragging the feather or string, that you are tossing the catnip mouse, that you are controlling the laser pointer. If you try to do anything else, they stop and stare at you until you give them your full attention again. Rather like human toddlers, they seem to need you to watch them play.

I saw this today. Would it, just possibly, free me from servitude to my Feline Overlords? Could I program it to sufficiently random movement, or must it be controlled in real-time? And either way, would I still have to devote myself to Their Amusement, or could I write and play with them simultaneously?

Not that I don’t want to involve myself with their antics, but when they keep poking at me, demanding I stop writing and come play, I get annoyed. This might be useful.


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