Women vs. Men: Why it Never Changes

June 4, 2011

If only he knew what I really wanted  (ignoring that fact that most of us live in a nebula of vague wants, not clear and specific star-points).

If I have to tell him to say he loves me, it loses all its meaning (men don’t seem to think talking about feelings is as important as women do).

Men are so different from women  (and women are different from men) (and you are different from me) (and everyone is different from everyone else)

But –

We are also all the same. We all want to be shown that people respect us, like us, love us… we all want to feel connected.

So, hey, why not go out on a limb here and tell people what you need, and ask them what they need, and then start being kind to each other !



2 Responses to “Women vs. Men: Why it Never Changes”

  1. dominick Says:

    Is that logic you’re using there? I thought they outlawed that back during the Clinton administration. Either way, well said.

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