Google Correlate: A New Way to Procrastinate

June 4, 2011

You draw a graph.
You click ‘correlate’.
And Google finds a data set whose graph closely matches what you’ve drawn.

My writing career correlates, with very high degree, to:

  1. 0.9950dubstep
  2. 0.9942how to make dubstep
  3. 0.9935dubstep artist
  4. 0.9930best dubstep
  5. 0.9927dubstep download
  6. 0.9926gel polish
  7. 0.99262011 toyota tacoma
    Maybe I should learn more about dubstep.

    An approximation of my birthday gave me these correlations. Not so close, but quaint.

0.6564bethany beach Delaware weather
0.6539weather long beach island
0.6532georgia high school football magazine
0.6525patty pan squash recipe
0.6520weather in martha’s vineyard
0.6490cool bookbags 0.6474dorm rug
0.6463wildwood crest weather
0.6459seaside heights nj weather



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