I am mildly inane. I freely admit that.

Glutton for punishment. Disorganized?  Well, no; just still finding my way around.

I have an ardent desire for privacy.  That desire has to be denied because I have to learn to ‘promote’ myself. ‘Build a platform’. I am not amused.

But, if it must be done, I will do it.  So –

I have started / a new blog /. This one, as I imagine many first blogs do, quickly became a mishmash of cats, philosophizing, and links to neat science articles. The new blog is to be focused on writing. Yes, still philosophizing and science and such, but (hopefully) only as it relates to my writing.

The biggest challenge I see now will be Facebook. I really do not want to let that corporation have so much hold on me, but it is another something that ‘must be done’. (my, I’m using a lot of single quotes. Must be a sign of frustration) I’ve already tackled Twitter, and various other social media sites. The problem is, I’ve had a Facebook page for years, solely to allow photo sharing with my children. Now I need to have an ‘author’s page’, but my real name is already on the personal page. And Facebook seems perversely reluctant to let you change things once they have them in their clutches. So, I need to figure out how to restructure my personal page as a author’s page. Oh well. That can be next week’s little goal. This week’s is getting proficient on Twitter, instead of just clicking on all the interesting links.

Any advice anyone has to offer is always much appreciated!

I feel rather like Rat’s Sheep in the following:

Click to enlarge.


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