/ To surrender or to cull /:  how do we decide what we will or will not allow ourselves time to experience, explore, and savor?

Some sad but maybe true humor:  what your editor might mean when he tells you / you’ve gotten it wrong /.

As per culling and surrendering above: /  how to focus your writing /, keeping only what is necessary, but still creating as vividly as possible a real world or a real character:

I love this quote:  “Each person who sits down to write faces not a blank page but his own vastly overfilled mind. The problem is to clear out most of what is in it, to fill huge plastic garbage bags with a confused jumble of things that have accreted there over the days, months, years of being alive and taking things in through the eyes and ears and heart.”


Source:  http://www.collegehumor.com/article/6340023/if-ikea-made-instructions-for-everything

This is great. Reductionist, clever germs of truth, and just plain fun.




Disheartening To Be #1

April 21, 2011

We live in a land of awe-inspiring natural beauty. We have incredible universities, fascinating cities, and wonderful people.

But let us never forget to look at all the facts, even the ones we aren’t proud of.

from graphjam:  http://graphjam.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/usano1.jpg

These are great. Who could doubt science is fun – what with all the machines and gadgets they have to play with.

The two experimental reports on Cadbury’s Creme Eggs reminded me of /  earlier work  / done on Twinkies.


Thanks to /  Ian Sample  / of The Guardian for theses links.

One topic: a new idea by Ikea to help people assemble the furniture kits they buy.

/ First article /: a serious, straightforward report. Clear, informative, tells you everything you need to know.

/ Second article /: same information, but told in humor.

Both very useful, but targeting completely different audiences.  These are journalism, but think how this inspires telling stories. What are you trying to say, and to whom are you saying it?

Wonderful examples.

Cats + Bowls = Great TV

April 19, 2011

I don’t watch television, but I just might start if we had shows like  / this one /  from Japan.

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