Links to Educate and Entertain

March 19, 2011

Ed Yong’s blog ‘Not Exactly Rocket Science’ has a weekly feature on   / missing links /. It always includes real treasures from myriad topics.

This week introduced me to a marvelous website, /  Scienceline / . She includes sounds. Mudpots! I love mudpots, but to describe the sound… well, now I needn’t try. And the bellowing bedfellows… wonderful stuff.

He also mentioned my favorite story of the week – the  / cloned African blackfooted  kittens / .

I quite liked this. As one who gets regular facepalms and eye rolls from her progeny, I think nerds, geeks, and any ‘expert’ in their field should  / learn from this /.

I could go on and on, but check out his site if you haven’t gone there before. It’s always a good read.


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