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I love precision in language. But that doesn’t make it more comprehensible, and certainly not more readable. I need to study /  this article /  in depth.

Who doesn’t love xkcd?  /  Fairy Tales /

/ Happy Pi Day /  (chocolate is always good)

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I’ve always wondered /  about this / . I was amazed at the results. We can tell if it’s an artist of a toddler!

And / Sheldon on art /  includes writers.


Update:  Google’s consolidation page:

Simple, clear, easy to understand bar graphs showing why this is a non- apocalyptic event.  / click here / As the author, Chris Rowan states:

“The problem is that the seismic rhythms of the planet operate over timescales much longer than a year, or even a decade. Over hundreds and thousands of years, there is some regularity to the seismicity in a particular area, driven as it is by tectonic forces that can remain relatively constant over millions of years. But we humans don’t see things on that broad temporal scale: instead we are stuck right in the temporal guts of a random process, giving the occasional large earthquake much more significance that it actually has in the grand scheme of things.”

This is equally true of climate change. People are too self-centered. We think only in human life-span terms, and too many of us think only in immediate terms:  what did I see yesterday vs. today; what was last year like; or worse, what I remember it being like when I was a kid.

Before you issue any ukase on the state of the world, it behooves you to do a modicum of research.  Makes life easier for everyone. ‘K?

If you have time, money, energy to spread false rumors, why not channel it into helping the actual victims of this disaster? Try to imagine seeing your whole life wiped out; friends, family killed; no water, no food. Think of the horrible stench, the inevitable disease. Try to imagine cleaning up after this, going on with your life. Put those wild and creative imaginations to good use, and then do something helpful instead of talking doom and gloom.

Red Cross:

this has a link to text an immediate $10 to Red Cross Japan relief:

Shelter box  (wouldn’t you cherish a temporary home-camp?)

Doctors Without Frontiers:

WePay Online donations:

Global Giving:




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