Invisible? No, Non-existent

March 13, 2011

Once again /  GrrlScientist /  finds the right video. Her blogs are insightful and brief, making them accessible to even the most time-pressured readers.

This was my reaction as well – why do people insist there’s a loving god when, for good or ill, there’s only evidence for nature and humanity?

Update: I cannot understand people who pray to god to save them from a disaster god sent. Obviously it wants them to suffer. Shouldn’t they, in all honesty and consistency, just sit there and suffer until their god decides to save them?

What – they want people to help? People to save them from what their god gave them? Sillies: that not how religion works. Religion means trusting your god to take care of you and accepting when it abandons you. As it always does.

You created a god, you gave it that power over you. Take what it sends, or admit it – we are all we have.

And we do a lot better job taking care of each other than any myth does.

Update:  on how we are taught to be superstitious:


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