I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I occasionally just have to read comments on blogs. Probably not a good idea. But I have learned wondrous things this evening.

Apparently the Japanese will suddenly realize they are living in a tectonically dangerous place. No suggestions as to why it has taken them this long to figure it out, but now that they know, they’ll begin a mass migration. Every man, woman, and child; with cats, dogs, sheep, probably cockroaches, too; will flee their homeland and invade other countries.

This will, of course, trigger wars. Which will trigger global war. But, thank god, after all this, the US will still be on top.

It may be that they will leave because for some unknown reason, every single nuclear plant in Japan is going to melt down in the next few days. Of course, if that happened, there wouldn’t be many people alive to flee, but hey – we obviously aren’t going to let facts get in the way of our right to ideas, are we?

(oops – did I say ideas? I meant insane, ignorant fantasies)

And we all know the earthquake, like the one in Haiti, was caused by the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program  (HAARP). Those naughty little cusses. They’ve been shooting those lethal beams all over the place.

They are also causing global warming. Not sure why, but darn them, they really ought to stop playing about with them gol-dern fancy machines of theirs.

My personal theory (idiocy) is that the meteorologists have gotten fed up with being mocked for their less than stellar predictions of rain or shine, and this is their revenge.

Oh dear oh dear.

But after all, what does any of this matter, since the world is going to end in 2012 – if not this May.

This is what ignorance, agnotologic and personal; and disinformational use of the internet does to people.  Ooo! I know fancy words. That must make me an expert, right?

Funny – yes. Tragic – beyond words. We have to discriminate between reasonable uncertainty and irrational mind-games. But without any systematic instruction in critical thinking, statistics, probability – let alone any understanding of science and its methodologies, well, this is what the fundamentalists and extreme republicans, and teaparty-ists want. Much easier to manipulate people who fall for any idiocy, isn’t it? Just send out a hare and they all run barking after it while you get on with dismantling freedoms, laws for equality and environment, and any semblance of fair taxation.

Oh dear. I’ve gone serious. Time to stop before I scream. Or cry.

Just for the record – meteorologists, aka the weathermen – or women do a very good job. There is a clear sliding scale of accuracy as you extend out from the present, and you have to factor in all sorts of variables. Weather is fascinating – both in how we experience it, and in the over arching interplay of all the systems involved in its formation. And we all know that weather is NOT the same as climate, right?


I was struggling to find current information. While recognizing the need of officials to avert panic balanced with the need to know, I could still wish for more clear information. I found this site. The author is doing a very good job of presenting clear information without drama. Rare even for professional news sites – unknown on some, alas.

The amount of work he’s doing to keep this up is immense. I certainly appreciate it.

Click here:  Modernsurvivalblog

Once again /  GrrlScientist /  finds the right video. Her blogs are insightful and brief, making them accessible to even the most time-pressured readers.

This was my reaction as well – why do people insist there’s a loving god when, for good or ill, there’s only evidence for nature and humanity?


Update: I cannot understand people who pray to god to save them from a disaster god sent. Obviously it wants them to suffer. Shouldn’t they, in all honesty and consistency, just sit there and suffer until their god decides to save them?

What – they want people to help? People to save them from what their god gave them? Sillies: that not how religion works. Religion means trusting your god to take care of you and accepting when it abandons you. As it always does.

You created a god, you gave it that power over you. Take what it sends, or admit it – we are all we have.

And we do a lot better job taking care of each other than any myth does.

Update:  on how we are taught to be superstitious:  http://www.scientificamerican.com/blog/post.cfm?id=signs-signs-everywhere-signs-seeing-2011-03-13

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