Money and Religion – Let’s Start a Revolution!

March 9, 2011

Discovered  / the Friendly Atheist / today. He approaches the subject as I do, with kindness and tolerance. He is far more public than I, though.

/ This post / on the Supreme Court decision not to hear the case against putting a religious reference on public  bank notes.  I loved the suggestion made in several of the comments. On paper money, cross out the ‘god’ of ‘in god we trust’ and insert ‘reason’.

A perfect, silent revolution. Maybe if enough money is altered, the courts will realize that putting god on money isn’t tradition, it’s religion. Worth a try, anyways.

I would also amend one comment – it’s not just banks taking prayer instead of money – if the government  truly wants to insist that religion and money are necessary adjuncts – let’s all pay our taxes with prayers!


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