An Explanation for Conservative – No, Not Thinking, but Belief

March 3, 2011

Had a wonderful lunch today with my sister. Even sampled a few local brews (Oregon for good beer, folks. So they tell me. I’m not a beer drinker)

This question came up: why do people vote for and actively seek politicians who want to cut funding for eduction, welfare, heath care? I can’t figure it out. Surely self-interest would make a poor person in a low-level job with no benefits want healthcare, right?

Came home, and through a serendipitous series of links discovered /  this article / . Wow.

No – not an answer to a prayer 🙂 . This is a perfect example of a statistically probable coincidence.  I was predisposed to follow the links. Statistics should be required at all grade levels. But I digress. Sorry. Bad habit.


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