A Lesson on Climate Change From Uganda

March 3, 2011

I often wonder how much of climate change denial is due to the incredibly protected lives we lead in ‘developed’ nations. We get food from around the world; no need to consider growing seasons. All that’s required is a slightly higher cost to purchase. We have, and most tellingly, expect to have an abundance of choice in foods and products, and even more critically, an abundance of water. I was talking with my sister in California about future water wars. California has had water rationing before, and their government struggled to find ways to get people to cooperate. But if chronic shortages develop, what will the urbanized drylands of California do?  Steal our water, of course.

California has, in the past, plotted to siphon off water from Oregon. Not content with destroying their aquifers and indulging a water-rich lifestyle in an arid land, they assume the right to take water from other places rather than alter their behavior. They are big enough and powerful enough that they’d probably be allowed to do so. (Where’s Cascadia? Independence and climate-wise living!)

/ This article / on Uganda clarified a few things. People who actually live with the land are the ones who see what’s happening. They don’t need the facts and figures; they won’t argue for political gain; they know their survival depends upon understanding what’s actually happening.

Our survival depends upon understanding what’s actually happening. The longer we allow power-plays to control government policy, the deeper in trouble we’re going to get.

I’m fully confident that mega-corporations have all sorts of research strategies in place to deal with the observable and predicted changes. They want to keep the reins of financial and political power. Greedy and corrupt they are, but not stupid.

It is the responsibility of a government for the people and by the people to protect the people from greed and corruption, to force and fund open research for the benefit of all.

Oh wait. Did I say government for the people and by the people? Silly me.  I forgot. I live in the US, not Cascadia.


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