Murder From The Sky (humor, folks)

March 1, 2011

I like crows. Always have.  Big, black, and glossy:  just like one of my cats.  Hannah Holmes, the  author of the must-read book, ‘The Well Dressed Ape’, talks of crows who swoop past her window, scolding and berating when she’s neglected to put fruit out for them. I feed crows every day (I feed birds, and the neighborhood crows like the peanuts). I call to them and talk to them, and hope they’ll stop flying away when I come out, but so far they still don’t trust me.

After reading * this article *, I have to wonder if I’m doing something wrong. So clever as they are – why haven’t they figured out I’m a friendly human?

I enjoy Cracked. Quite often their articles are, as is this one, well-researched, and informative with ‘cracked’ humor added. With that in mind, and on a different topic, *  this article * was also good. I especially liked the section on autism. What an inspiration! To take his son’s problem and turn it into an asset for the son and others like him, and create a succesful business at the same time. I also like the explanations for the vagaries of religions.

(by the way – to assuage your curiosity – a flock of crows is called ‘a murder’) jsyk



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