To Create is to Create Insecurity

February 4, 2011

He may be talking about drawing, but I imagine almost every author feels the same:

And while I’m on quirky topics, if I may call the above ‘quirky’, I love this. I want to submit *immediately* :


3 Responses to “To Create is to Create Insecurity”

  1. Lois Hoffman Says:

    I love both of the links. Nothing like a little smile before I close my eyes.

    • mhilm Says:

      I finally got a chance to go to your blog. I especially appreciated your reference to Nathan Bransford’s suggestion about leaving comments for others as encouragement. Very perceptive, and very thoughtful. I will take it to heart. I also liked the Sierra Club link for the inspirational quotes.
      Thanks for your comments! Good luck with your writing and your juggling – not such dissimilar things, really.

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