More Cat Videos For Blog-Balance

January 15, 2011

I am extremely uncomfortable with controversy. I dislike being yelled at. When people rant at me, I quit responding in hopes they’ll go away. The price for this is, of course, that they then think they’ve ‘converted’ me to their point of view. This is extremely vexing, but at least they’ve shut up. Anyways, it was hard to click ‘publish’ on yesterday’s most lengthy blog. And I found myself compelled to add a P.S., hoping to mitigate controversy. With all that in mind, I need something light-hearted to balance my blog and my mind.

Hungry, Hungry Kitteh:

Simon’s Cat Series:

A delightful series: Ur End Iz Neer:

Engineer’s Guide to Cats:

Mean Kitty Song (Sparta):

Maru series:


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