January 6, 2011

I would never have imagined this would be such fun. ‘Describe your story in one sentence’. Hah! Can’t be done. Too complex, too many important things to be said… but it can be done. And the process is invigorating. I’m thoroughly enjoying playing with the wording, trying to get just the right nuance, hinting at the bigger story in as few words as possible.

What helped me was making a list:  main characters, main plot line, main setting. Then see what tied them together. Not who they were, not what they did, not their attributes – just what connected them.  Sort of ‘boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy and girl get together’ with one interesting adjective to modify each of the two characters and the events.

And now I get the fun of adding more words to make it a one minute pitch.

Also extremely surprised to find I like writing short stories. Never thought I would, as I don’t like reading them. Again, it’s the crafting that’s so intriguing –  fleshing out characters, telling a complex story in a few pages. W00t!


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