Why can’t we be wise?

December 30, 2010


So small… tiny. A speck of dust. And it’s all we have. This picture never fails to rouse poignant emotions in me. If only we could stop trying to boss each other around, could rejoice in the myriad ideas, images, creations of humanity and not be so damned bigoted.

Stop trying to tell other people how to live, you cretins. Not one of you knows what’s best for anyone, and probably not for yourselves, either. Your actions certainly don’t show insight.  If there is a god, then shut up and accept what god sends. It’s not your place to act on any gods’ behalf. Since there’s absolutely no evidence for deities other than wishful thinking, why not be a human being? Identify yourself with your species, and promote its well being. No one has the right to tell you how to think – so stop assigning yourself that right over others. I don’t tell you to stop your religion, and your blind idolatry of a political party organized and run by, and for the benefit of mega-rich corporate bosses. But I wish you would. Every time you vote that party line, you vote against the survival of our species. Pollution, destruction, war, economic collapse: these are the legacies of our current governments.

Cascadia, and what it represents, might save a corner of this nation.

There I go, being as wishful as any religious nutter. But at least what I wish for humanity is a future, not its destruction.


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