wistful season

December 14, 2010

I get wistful at christmas time. Nostalgic. Recalling the easy comfort of believing there is a caring entity that makes everything all right, like my parents did for me when I was young.

But at some point we have to (should) grow up.  We have to recognize that we are all we’ve got. It’s up to us to make of ourselves, and of life what we can.

I wish everyone would grow up – be rational; caring about each other because we are all in this together, rather than trying to force others into narrow, prejudiced beliefs.

Handing over your mind to others is a dangerous thing, for you and for everyone around you. Are you listening, republicans? Are you listening, fundamentalists? No – you can’t hear – your brains have been hijacked at your own invitation, and you are no longer a thinking human being but  are a puppet obeying your masters.

Ask yourself, if you can:  why would a god who could do anything, create anything, want a bunch of mindless puppets? How could you respect a god like that?


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